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Books and Revison Guides

Here are a list of the books that we use. Tried and tested and used daily. These in our opinion represent the best value for money and cover the required syllabuses. These books are usually much better than the revision guides, as they cover all the information that is needed and in good detail.

Recommended KS2 Books

Recommended KS3 Books

Possibly some of the best KS3 books I have met.

Recommended GCSE Textbooks Science All Boards

These books cover all the work for all the boards and in more detail than some of the other books. They have good end of chapter tests and exam questions at the end of some chapters. These books are excellent on their own or for supplementing the other science books. There are different versions but the content is very much the same.


Edexcel GCSE Maths

Excellent book with graded examples.Possibly the best on the market.


Edexcel iGCSE Maths

Lots of examples to practice. Answers online


AQA Mathematics

Not too bad. Not as good as the Edexcel versions.


AQA and OCR GCSE English


OCR 21st Century GCSE Science


AQA 21st Century GCSE Science

Not too bad books but lacking in some detail

AQA Science

If your doing the triple science buy the Biology, Physics and Chemistry Books. If double then Science and Additional Science. They have good layout and some nice experiment info. These books still need others books to supplement the info.

AQA GCSE Science Revision Guides


GCSE Calculator and essential Maths tools


Recommended A Level Books

A Level Chemistry

A Level Physics

A Level Biology

A Level Maths


A Level Further Maths

A Level Business Studies


A level Economics


A Level Geography


Calculators for A level

At the Request of many students we are creating some revision guides and Notes. This is a Slow and on-going process, but gradually more topics will appear in more areas.

A Level Physics - Edexcel, OCR and AQA

A Level Biology Salters A

A Level Chemistry

A Level Maths Edexcel and AQA

GCSE Maths