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Heather Partridge Testimonial

Heather Passing GradesI attended tutoring with Philip every Saturday morning for 5 months in the run up to sitting my GCSE maths paper. Maths is not my forte so I did struggle with the GCSE syllabus, not helped by the school failing to teach me key parts of the syllabus which would allow me to access the higher grades! Philip is a fantastic tutor. There is no doubt about it. He will not only make sure that you or your child's grades are boosted by giving them the necessary knowledge they need to succeed,  but also their confidence and self belief which is in my opinion as important as having the knowledge. He will persevere until you know how to do something, and challenge you without you realising. I was predicted a C grade by my school and was going to be Experiments for allsitting the foundation paper, but with Philips help in understanding the syllabus and his belief in me I managed to achieve a high A grade at GCSE. He is a truly wonderful teacher and I will be forever thankful to him for the doors he helped me open up by helping me understand the work, believing in me and motivating me. I would recommend him to anyone and am incredibly grateful my mum found him for me. It is completely true he can boost your grade by 2 and I am evidence for that. He manages to make maths fun (how I do not know!) and I really did enjoy maths by the end of it.