Hemel Hempstead

Private Tuition 01442 234892


We have a Number of Tutors specialising in different areas of the curriculum

1-1 Tuition. Each student has 1 tutor. Good relationships are built up. We get to know the student - what they are capable of. What they can achieve. We can give realistic advice from knowing the student very well.

In your home or ours

A difficult question to answer and it very much depends on the student. Some work better in one environment, some in another, In either place we need a quiet place to work with a table, good lighting and two chairs.

  • Lessons are for 1-2 hours - most students can't concentrate for longer than this.
  • Homework will be set if required
  • Learning will be outlined to be done
  • This learning will be tested in the following session(s) to reinforce the acquisition of skills and knowledge.
  • We happily will create an action plan for the student to agree to and work to.

Science teaching is normally done in my home because of the large amount of equipment that is required and needed often on an ad hoc basis.

Exam Technique and Exam Practice

Our tutors have years of experience of successfully teaching effective examination technique which can help students gain a grade or two.

We do more than just go through papers with you. Some students think that all a tutor can do is give then the answers to past papers. This only teaches the student to do this question and not how to learn to solve future questions. We do far more than this. We teach the basics of the course. With this core knowledge at your finger tips and experience at problem solving, exams become easier. There is no alternative to learning all the required information, but we can often teach you ways that makes this learning easier.